Five lovely Gift ideas for spring

Five lovely gift ideas for spring

Spring is a season for many celebrations, from Mother’s Day to graduations. Spring hardly ever arrives too soon and after winter most of us are likely looking forward to its brightness and budding flower display. It’s therefore especially enjoyable to give a present that’s in tune with the time of year. Even a birthday party feels springlike with a table setting that highlights the season. Check out our lovely spring themed gift ideas and recommended products below.

1 –  Linen mini cloth for parties and everyday life

Linen cloths in table setting

Table setting is an easy way to create a celebratory mood. However linen cloths have a countless variety of uses which makes them very suitable for gifts too.

The mini cloths seen in the photo as napkins are popular also for example as pocket squares. Along with the enchanting flowers they feature many simpler designs that are easy to mix and match. Linen has naturally an excellent absorbing capacity, making the mini cloths useful even as dishcloths to cheer up the kitchen.

2 – For plant and handicraft lovers

Drawstring pouch with plant

Fill up a drawstring pouch with fruit, candy or other treats and an easy gift is ready! After enjoying the yummies inside it the linen pouch can be used for example for storing small handicraft materials and tools.

You can even make a small plant presentable (pun intended) with a pretty linen pouch regardless of the pot. The pictured plant is potted in a basic plastic nursery pot with a diameter of 10 cm. It slips snugly in the pouch and the drawstrings can be tied.

3 – Versatile linen cloth

Linen table cloth for spring

A long linen cloth looks beautiful on the table, but you can also easily wrap it around a gift bottle or other present. It even makes a handy scarf that stays well in place and just gets softer in use. It of course functions perfectly as a towel too, and when coming up with usage ideas only the sky is the limit. A lovely linen cloth is a fail-safe gift choice for anyone who appreciates natural materials as the possible uses for it are endless.

4 – For the kitchen enthusiast

Kevatlehto Kitchen Towel Side Loop

An avid home cook will find a kitchen towel in 100% linen an invaluable help. It dries the busy cook’s hands then and there and does an equally wonderful job as a tea towel. A devoted baker will use it to gently cover the dough as it rests and rises.

All our kitchen towels have a hanging loop on both one short and one long side, so the user can always hang it where they wish for easy access in the warm kitchen bustle.

5 – Cheerful spring hairdo

Spring scrunchies

A linen scrunchie brings a spring hairstyle to another level and really cheers up the day. The material helps it to stay neatly in place even in the most slippery soft hair. It’s a simple way to add a hint of colour to an ordinary day and brings a joyful little touch to a gift.

You can even use a scrunchie or two to make a fun decoration on a present. See an example in the following photo where two scrunchies have been wrapped together into a rosette.

Extra – Wrap it up with linen and add a card

Lutukka Pink Linen Cloth Gift Wrapping

Previously mentioned linen cloths make lovely wrappings for many kinds of gifts. The recipient can choose to let the pretty wrapping move on with another gift or save it for their own use. A simple linen cloth has so many possible uses that everyone will be certain to find it some use that suits them.

The mini cloths shown earlier in the table setting are perfect for wrapping a jewellery box or other small package. Using a long linen cloth you can wrap even a bottle or a book.

You could write even a lengthy poem in our greeting cards as their whole inside spread is clean white. Every card comes with a white envelope, making them easy to post too. 

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