Lutukka Blue Linen Cloth


This pale pastel blue linen cloth features an ethereal design of green shepherd’s purse plants with their tiny white flowers. The delicate plant has also been known as ‘mother’s heart’ due to its lovely heart-shaped seedpods. A lovely wrap for a bottle or other small gift, this adorable linen cloth also looks charming as a table runner or a scarf and works wonderfully as a towel.

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Materials & usage

Our long linen cloths are inspired by traditional Japanese tenugui. They are lovingly designed, printed and sewn in Finland using 100% linen from Lithuania. Being very absorbent, but lightweight enough to dry quickly they function perfectly as hand towels or baking towels and can be used equally well in both kitchen and bathroom. They also look beautiful as a table runner or a scarf. Edges are finished to prevent fraying.


Our long linen cloths come in the approximate size of 35 cm x 90 cm. They are great for using as a gift wrap for a bottle or other small present. Please note there may be small differences in size and proportions due to the nature of the material and the printing process.

Care instructions

The linen cloths can be machine washed at max 60 °C and ironed on high. Shape and iron while damp. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring. Store flat or in a loose roll while not in use.

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Weight 66 g


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