Utu Textiles

On a quest to make your life a little less boring and a little more fun!

Our mission is to bring a bit of sunshine and joy into your home with unique and lively home décor that suits many different styles.

Based in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes, Utu Textiles is a tiny company focusing on sustainable products with a personality. Despite being small, we wish to take sustainability into account in everything we do. Even if our actions are a drop in the ocean, we wish that drop to be as clean as possible! This is one of the many reasons why all our textile products are made of linen and every single product we make is meant to last.

Our products

Our fabric comes from Lithuania, a country with a rich tradition in making linen products. All our linen products are designed and sewn in Helsinki, Finland. The designs are printed in Finland using reactive dyes that both allow for an environmentally friendly dyeing process and result in incredibly durable colours. We also seek to minimize packaging materials and use as much recycled and recyclable resources as possible. We aim to keep the burden to the environment as low as possible and the following points are some that currently help us get closer to that goal.

Sustainability in a nutshell

  • Long-lasting materials: durable 100% linen & YKK zippers
  • Flax cultivation uses little water and few fertilizers or pesticides
  • Short transport distances during the manufacturing process
  • Eco-friendly printing process
  • Minimized production waste
  • Only the necessary packaging materials
  • Recycled paper for wrapping

More information on linen as a material and our sustainability will be available in the blog shortly!